Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Successful Sacred Music Conference!

More than 70 from across Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Lower Peninsula, and Wisconsin gathered at St. Joseph & St. Patrick Catholic Parish in Escanaba for the 2nd Annual Sacred Music Conference.  Gregorian  Chant was the focus of this year's Diocesan event, with study of the pipe organ and how to start a "schola" or choir school devoted to learning chant and Sacred choral music.

The Conference was very well received, amidst the difficult repertoire!  The Church holds Gregorian chant as "pride of place" in the Sacred Liturgy and so continued study and appreciation for the heritage of Sacred music is called for to this day.

Many have gone decades without hearing chant, whether in English, Latin, or their vernacular language, and so for most people, it is a time of intense renewal!  Obedience alone would be an adequate response to the "Treasure of Inestimable Value" of Catholic Sacred Music.

Let us pray for a continued renewal in our Diocese and beyond!

Many thanks to Fr. Francis Dobrzenski, Fr. Ryan Ford, John Ignatowski, and Lisa Knutson for their excellent presentations!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Great Way to Start!

Here's a great way to start reading the Bible - Sarah Christmyer offers to send a daily email that will guide you through the 14 Narrative books of the Bible in 90 days:

Genesis (Early World & Patriarchs)
Exodus (Egypt and Exodus)
Numbers (Desert Wanderings)
Joshua (Conquest & Judges)
Judges (Conquest & Judges)
1 Samuel (Royal Kingdom)  
2 Samuel (Royal Kingdom)
1 Kings (Royal Kingdom & Divided Kingdom)
2 Kings (Divided Kingdom & Exile)
Ezra (Return)
Nehemiah (Return)
1 Maccabees (Maccabean Revolt)
Luke (Messianic Fulfillment)
Acts (The Church)

It's a great way to get an overview of the "Big Picture" of the events of the Bible, and then continue after the 90 days with the rest of Scripture.  Sign up for this great intro to the Bible! ~ God bless you!

Read the Bible and Catechism in a Year

During my second homily on the Word of God, I asked everyone to set a goal to read the whole Bible during this Year of Faith.  There's a great resource online that breaks up the Bible into daily readings so you can make it thorugh in one year's time.  Each day, there's a reading from the Old Testament historical books and prophets, a reading from the Old Testament Wisdom literature, and a reading from the Gospels.  If you are ambitious, read the whole Catechism of the Catholic Church in one year as well by following this plan.  You can dowload this awesome guide here, from the Coming Home Network.  Set the goal, don't give up, and make it happen! ~ God bless you!

Second Word of God Homily

It's the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord! and time for the second homily on the Word of God, focusing on understanding the context of the Bible and the need for the Holy Spirit to understand it.  I've been encouraged by your comments to me that these homilies are helpful to you, and I hope to put up more posts with tips on reading the Word of God during this Year of Faith.  I appreciate any feedback you have ~ God bless you all!

Hope you enjoy the homily!:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Word of the Lord Homily

It's the Year of Faith, and Bishop Sample has asked that from now until Easter be a time focused on study of the Word of God - so let's get to it!!  I'll give homilies the next several weeks on God's Word and post them at the blog here so you can listen and send to family and friends.

As the guide for reflection, I'm using Pope Benedict, who wrote the latest document on God's Word back in 2010, entitled The Word of the Lord - you can find his document here.  It's a long document, packed with spiritual gems, and I want to share his work with you through these homilies. 
So here's my first Year of Faith homily on the Word of God - I hope the homilies are helpful for you, and would love to hear your feedback ~ God bless you all!

To Proclaim Christ!

Welcome to my blog!  It's dedicated to helping you proclaim Christ in your places of work, in your family, among your friends, and to those you meet in the daily walk of life.  You can follow the blog by email by signing up in the box to the left, or by visiting often.  I hope you find it helpful in your walk with the Lord ~ God bless you all!